Christmas Shirt

I had good intentions to make Little Monkey and Little Monkette Thanksgiving shirts, but it just never happened. I decided that Christmas would be different for sure.

While Little Monkette was napping the other day, I let Little Monkey pick out his shirt. I gave him a couple of options online and he picked out a Christmas tree with his name on it (Since his name isn’t really Little Monkey, it is blurred out in the photo below.).  We went into the large cedar chest of fabrics and pulled out a bunch of Christmas themed and colored fabrics. I explained to Little Monkey that he needed to pick out something mostly green for the tree part. He picked out the fun snowmen on a green background. I asked him what color he wanted the star to be, either red or yellow. He went with red and picked out the ‘ho, ho, ho’ fabric. I picked out the ribbon for the stump of the tree. Lastly was his name. I tried to suggest a plain red, green, red, green pattern like the picture we saw but he wouldn’t have it. He picked out a black background fabric with red and green candy canes (This is the blurry part of the picture below.).

I love how it turned out. I love that it was all his decision. If I had picked out the fabrics, it would have turned out very differently but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that it is all his. He was so excited when I finished it and said that he wanted to wear it that night. He didn’t end up changing his shirt but did wear the shirt all day the next day!


Little Monkey's Christmas shirt

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