O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

December 1, 2010

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, Big Monkey was ready to set up the Christmas tree and decorate everything. (Heck he probably would have done it at the beginning of the month if I would have let him!) I wasn’t much in the decorating mood but I did help out some. It just seems like SO much stuff to get out…only to have to put it all away again. Big Monkey got everything down from the attic and went to work. Once the tree was up and he put the lights on it, Little Monkey and I decorated it. We only put ornaments on the top 2/3s of the tree, anticipating that Little Monkette would mess with the ornaments. (For the record, she has only messed with the tree twice. Once with the lights and once with an ornament Big Monkey made many, MANY years ago.) She is doing pretty good with the tree! Little Monkey got to help Big Monkey put the star on top of the tree. The picture below is actually the second attempt. The first attempt ended with the star falling off the tree!

Big Monkey helped Little Monkey put the star on the tree.

While decorating the house and getting things from the garage/attic, we found a little fiber optic tree that GG&GG P had given us last year. I decided to let Little Monkey have a tree of his own in his room! He was SO excited. We picked out ornaments that wouldn’t break and he did all the decorating himself. He kept saying, “My tree is SO cute!” All the ornaments that he has made for the past two years are also featured on his tree. (We have yet to make this year’s ornament but the plan is in the works.) After it was all done, we decided it needed a star. I cut out a star and we taped it together and he fit it onto the tree. It has a switch to turn the fiber optic lights on and off. He loves it. The morning after he set it up, he came out and let me know that he needed “one of those” and pointed to our tree skirt. We have yet to put a tree skirt around his tree, but I told him that we could work on it. Maybe I can make him one.

Little Monkey's personal tree