Second Christmas Shirt

December 3, 2010

Little Monkette needs a Christmas shirt too. I finally decided what design to use and got it all cut out. I had to get a shirt for her because she didn’t have any already that I could use. I picked up a red long sleeved shirt from Walmart for about $3. All the fabric and ribbon I had on hand.

Fun Festive Christmas Tree Shirt

I used five different fabrics and the same ribbon used for Little Monkey’s shirt. I decided against a star on top since the top part of the tree has a little tree with a star in it. I am hoping to make Little Monkette a shirt to wear with it…if she’s lucky, I’ll have it done in time for the parade tomorrow.

I love these kinds of shirt projects…if I can just decide what I want to do…it doesn’t take long to make them!