Acorn Wreath

December 5, 2010

Recently there have been many posts online about wreaths-specifically acorn wreaths. Holly wanted to make some, and did. I found some links for her with information about freezing and baking the acorns before putting them on the wreath, etc. I posted the link the on Holly’s Facebook page to help her out with the process. Our friend Sarah, saw the post and was so excited. She thought it was a great idea and wanted to make one too. The only problem…Sarah had just had twins two days before and was still in the hospital with them. I told her that maybe we could make one for her since she would been quite busy with the twins.

I read through the directions and gathered a ton of acorns. I froze them and baked them and the started gluing them to the wreath. I ended up running out of acorns and had to get more, freeze them and bake them. Once they were all done, I took it outside to spray paint. Sarah picked out hunter green as her choice of wreath color.

Spray painted wreath

I let the wreath dry and got some ribbon to hang it up with it. I tried it out on our door. Big Monkey came home and I showed him and he wanted me to make one for us! (Probably not happening though.)


I was able to deliver the wreath to Sarah (and see the twins–SO cute!!!), so now you get to see too. Sarah liked it and put it up on their door right away. I was glad to get it to her before the Christmas season was over. It looks awesome on their door too (because their door is red!).  I like how it turned out and as long as it doesn’t lose too many acorns or break, they can repaint it to match up with other seasons or holidays.

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