Tag Blanket Mania Again

December 6, 2010

Whenever my friends have babies, I like to make them personalized tag blankets. Sarah had twin girls recently and when I was going to deliver the Acorn Wreath, I had to bring something for the girls too! 🙂 I made the twins older sister a tag blanket before she was born, so I was excited to make her new little sisters each their own blanket. I found some fun fabrics at Joann’s and was excited to make them. I was able to deliver the tag blankets over the weekend and meet the girls, Tenley and Harper. They are precious. Very small and tiny but perfect in every way!

Tenley's Popsicle Tag Blanket

Harper's Puppy Dog Tag Blanket

Tag blankets are easiest to make when you make it an assembly line setup. Since I was already making two blankets, I decided to throw in an extra one! 🙂 I am working on some high chair covers for a friend’s granddaughter, but they are not finished yet. It is somewhat detailed work and I think that is partly why it is taking me a longer time. (I have crafting (and maybe general) ADD. LOL. I like to have projects that are quickly done.) I made this tag blanket as an extra surprise for Charlotte. 🙂

Charlotte's Popsicle Tag Blanket