Christmas Twirl Skirt And Leggings

December 8, 2010

Little Monkette needed to have a Christmas skirt…so I made her one in time to go to the local Christmas parade. (Sadly it was too cold to wear it, but she wore it the next day to Church and will get to wear it more before Christmas is over.) I used two old shirts that Amy had given me. I love how it turned out and that the picture is definitely a “Florida Christmas.”

Christmas Twirl Skirt

Since it was going to be cold out at the parade, I thought if I made some leggings, she would be warm enough. (It was still too cold for her to wear them, even with leggings!) I had the candy socks from Target clearance and the candy cane striped ones were old socks of mine. It only takes a few minutes to make these leggings and they turned out so cute. The only problem….Little Monkette hasn’t worn these types of leggings since last winter…and this winter all she wants to do is try and pull them down and pull them up. I found her in the car with the leggings pulled down to the top of her knee and also pulled up to the bottom of her knee. It was like she was wearing little knee pads. 🙂

Candy and Candy Cane Leggings

I love how cute Little Monkette looks in her new (upcycled) outfit!

Festive Christmas Outfit!

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