Who Needs A Mailbox?

December 19, 2010

Evidently, we do.

Destroyed Mailbox

We came home the other night, morning (2am) to find our mailbox strewn across the yard. It appeared to have been hit by a car, as we found tire marks across the neighbors driveway and right in front of their mailbox too. Since there was nothing we could do about it at 2am, we went to bed. The next day our neighbor came over to let us know that he heard the accident, cleaned up our lava rocks that were all across the road and collected a side mirror that was left. He had also talked to a witness who had an address and tag number. The witness claims the driver was swerving all down the hill and hit our mailbox with her car. She hit the neighbor’s mailbox (but didn’t destroy it) and almost hit a car. All of this happened just after 5pm!

After getting all the information from the neighbor, Big Monkey headed down to the address to see if anyone wanted to admit to destroying our mailbox. Unfortunately, there was no answer at the door. Big Monkey decided to call the police. At least that way we would have it documented and the person would likely at least get a ticket. (Of course it appears they are likely getting away with a DUI.) While we waited for the police to show up, the hit and run driver’s father showed up at our house. He had a very different story about what supposedly happened but was trying to help make it better. He got his daughter on the phone (who was supposedly at work) and the three of them worked out a deal that she would pay us $75 to get a new mailbox. The police showed up in the middle of it all but Big Monkey sent them away, saying we appeared to have things handled but if it didn’t work out, we’d call them back.

In the end, the father paid us $75 and took the side mirror home. Big Monkey headed off to Lowe’s to get a new mailbox, some concrete and rebar. If anyone hits our mailbox again they will be in for a surprise with way more damage to their vehicle. While Big Monkey was gone to Lowe’s, the daughter showed up and apologized again. Her story also didn’t match the witnesses story, but whatever. I decided to just let it all go. It wasn’t that big of a deal since she was taking care of the cost of getting a new mailbox. She gave us another $20 and a 6pack of cupcakes from Publix.

Big Monkey then spent a good portion of the afternoon installing our new mailbox. Lucky for us, we also had a coupon to Lowe’s to save $10 on the mailbox and supplies. Hopefully no one will hit our mailbox again!