Tie Cloth Napkin

While browsing some Father’s Day craft ideas, I ran across this Father’s Day Cloth Napkin idea. I knew that Big Monkey and Pops would probably both not care for this idea but I was pretty sure my Grandpa would like it. Grandpa spends his summers in Maine, so he hasn’t received this gift yet. I recall Grandpa, almost always, tucking his napkin into his shirt when we ate. It didn’t matter if we were at home or out at a restaurant. I thought this napkin would be fun for him.

One night when I was waiting for Big Monkey to get home, I decided to work on this project. It seemed to be a pretty quick and easy one. I did not use a big tie like in the tutorial, but rather a smaller tie pattern that we used before for another project. I had one leftover napkin from making my mom’s gift, so I used that here.

Grandpa got his tie napkin finally for Christmas. He loved and it and Grandma thought it was perfect for him. He modeled it for us all. I hope he enjoys using it. (He said he would take it to the dining hall to use too!)

Grandpa loved his tie napkin!


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