Reindeer Puzzle Ornaments

December 27, 2010

Each year I help Little Monkey made Christmas ornaments to give to our family. This year we decided to make puzzle reindeer. (I found the idea here.) Like most of our ornaments, it was a multi-step process. We first started by painting the puzzle pieces brown.

Concentrating on painting the puzzle pieces.

Once they were dried, I help Little Monkey group them together and hot glue (I did the hot glue part) the pieces together. Once they were dried, we used some regular Elmer’s glue to attach the eyes and nose to each reindeer.

Adding in the eyes and nose.


Lastly, I used some hot glue to attach the ribbon hangers. Little Monkey was very proud of how they turned out! He also helped package them up to give away and wrote his name on each bag.

Showing off the finish product.

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