Glass Etching

December 28, 2010

The glass etching was part one of a multi-step process for making my sister-in-laws’ Christmas gifts. I found this idea here…but had a hard time cutting the way she did with the Cricut, so I fiddled with it and figured out a way to make it work.

I started out by doing the glass etching for both pans. I bought a set of pans at Walmart. The set came with a 13×9 pan and a 7×11 pan and lids for both pans. The only problem I found when opening them was the writing on the bottom of the pan. I had not planned for that (as there is none on my 13×9 pan) but still managed to get both last names onto the pans. I fiddled with the Cricut until I determined the best way to cut out the last names and what size. Then I cut them out of vinyl and attached the vinyl to the bottom of the glass pan.

Vinyl ready for etching cream.

I practiced first on one of our dishes (and I’m glad I did). I decided that leaving the etching cream on for only five minutes (as the directions stated) was not good enough! I ended up making sure the cream was on heavy enough and left it on for about ten minutes.

Etching cream doing its thing.

(In the above photo, I should have cut the vinyl closer so that I didn’t waste so much vinyl. Lessons learned. This photo was actually taken from the practice run. The etching cream should also go on a bit thicker!) Once the time was up for the glass etching, I followed the directions for removing the cream and cleaning up the glass. It just takes a little bit of washing with dish soap and some glass cleaner.

Finished Glass Etching

It is hard to see in the picture, (which is why it is sitting on the lid) but you can tell it is there in person. I think the glass etching is a great idea for when you take items to potlucks or work. Everyone will know which dish is yours (I suppose this could be bad if you always bring in bad food…so learn to cook at least one good thing!).

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