Other Christmas Gifts

December 30, 2010

I also made a few other gifts for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of some of them!! (I know, I know, shame on me!) This is what happens when you are busy finishing up gifts the night before you need to deliver them to their recipients (and one even the morning of!)!

I made a set of wine glasses for GrandMom (Big Monkey’s Mom). I got two large plain wine glasses from Old Time Pottery and etched ‘A’ on one and ‘G’ on the other. The ‘A’ was for GrandMom’s first name and I was thinking ‘G’ for guest. She was thinking ‘G’ for GrandMom, works for me too! We gave her both wine glasses with a bottle of wine. She loved them. Yay!

Amy had requested that our Mom purchase some specific fabric off of Etsy for her. Amy wanted the fabric so that I could make her some potholders for her kitchen. The fabric was very cute and kitchen themed. I made her two potholders with a simple tutorial I found online (I forgot to save it….sorry!)

Two potholders (please ignore the poor lighting!)

Our Mom had a great idea to use some of the leftover fabric to make a wall hanging for Amy’s kitchen. I used a frame I had laying around and put a piece of fabric into it. I think it would have looked better in a black frame but I didn’t have one. I did try and spray paint one that I did have but i was not a wooden frame and it didn’t work out so well.

Framed fabric

Amy ended up opening these out of order (This is what happens when Little Monkey passes out the gifts!) but I think she was happy to see that we did at least have the fabric she wanted!

Finally, I made my Mom some new kitchen towels. I bought a pack of three towels at Old Time Pottery. They were the flour sack type of towels and once I got them home I realized how thin and large they were. After washing them, I folded them in half and sewed around the three open edges. The new towel was now half the size but double the thickness. This seemed to be a much better option.

I made three different embellished towels for her, and yes-forgot to take pictures!!! One towel used the same fabric as the casserole carries I made and was just a large “P” monogram in the corner. One towel had the word “EAT” in vertical placement down the left side of the towel in a fun ladybug font. (The school she teaches at has a ladybug as its mascot.) For the third towel, I used the fabric from Amy’s potholders and spelled out “cook” in the bottom center of the towel. When Amy saw the ‘cook’ towel, she said she wanted it. Looks like I’ll be getting some more towels from Old Time Pottery and crafting a few more towels!

Overall, I believe each of these gifts was well received and liked (often a challenge with handmade/homemade gifts). I did say more than once though that next time I think it is a great idea to make so many gifts, I should really start making them sooner (like August!).