Casserole Carrier Version #2

I made a different Casserole Carrier for my other sister-in-law’s Christmas gift. She also got a pan with her last name etched in it but her pan was a 7×11 size. I found a tutorial specifically for that size and decided to use it for hers. This tutorial was found at Blessings Overflowing. (Thank you for posting it!)

I did a few things different than the tutorial showed but they were minor changes. I did not include the wooden spoon holder. I also sewed the handle and the ties into the case itself and not to the outside. This was to help hide the raw edges and seams.

Ready to carry, with a pan inside.

The pan slides in the side.

I hope that this will get lots of use! I know my sister-in-law liked it. I think it turned out nice and was pretty quick to make. (Of course next year I think it is a good idea to make a bunch of the Christmas gifts….I need to start in August and not the week of Christmas!)

Thanks again to Blessings Overflowing for posting the tutorial. I love how it turned out.

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6 Responses to Casserole Carrier Version #2

  1. Holly says:

    Very cute Kati! You should put this on your etsy shop!!!

  2. Mique says:

    I love casserole carriers. Yours turned out great. I need to get busy and make some of my own! Thanks for linking up to my Pity Party!

  3. Maridith says:

    Your casserole carrier is beautiful. I would of never of thought to make one. I need one but refuse to pay $30 for one. Great gift too!!

  4. amy FERRARA says:

    So cute! GREAT idea!

  5. Jackie says:

    Your casserole carrier looks great! I am so glad that you liked the tutorial. Thanks for linking back to me. I am not sure why I didn’t sew the ties on before I stitched the carrier together. Good idea. I have to share that my mom just realized yesterday that her casserole dish was full of goodies. I know I told her on Christmas morning. Oh, well.

  6. My Kids Make says:

    oh this is fantastic! I always end up wrapping my dish in towels and lugging it with me, and then thinking, “why dont i have one of those carrier things?”. Of course I dont remember about it again until I am wrapping my dish in towels yet again.hahah. I will have to put this on a “to make” list! Thanks!!

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