Burp Rag Gift Set

Another friend of mine is having a baby soon and this weekend was her baby shower. This is baby number three and since they already have one boy and one girl, they decided not to find out what they are having. This was a big problem for my gift giving style! 🙂

I like to give personalized gifts and being crafty, I make personalized blankets, onesies, etc. Since they don’t know what they are having…and have no names picked out….I was at a loss. They have plenty of clothes, so they asked for diapers, wipes, soaps, etc. for the shower. I decided that I would just get diapers and be done, but that was so boring.

The night before the shower I decided that I could make a couple burp rags in gender neutral fabrics. Luckily, I had three different fabrics that I thought would work out okay. I got the burp rags made and decided to add a babysitter’s notes notepad that I had in the gift closet and then a set of lotion and baby wash. The gift was well received and we all joked that I did okay without knowing the gender or a name!

Burp Rag Gift Set

I can’t wait to meet the new baby in the K family and make him or her some personalized gifts!


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