Another Great Trade

You may, or more than likely may not, recall last year when I made this trade of bean bags for a deep fryer. This year I have already made another similar type trade.

Recently a friend of a friend created a Facebook group for moms in our area to sell unwanted toys/clothes/baby items/etc. It has been a great tool already. Free, directed right to our local area moms and much better than Craigslist in my opinion. We have already sold a few things that would have been too much effort to really try on Craigslist or take to a consignment store.

Princess Bike

This week, someone listed a small 12″ princess bike in great used condition. They only wanted $5 for it! I decided to get it for Little Monkette (It is a little big for her right now, but she will grow into it!). After some discussion about how I would pick it up, the seller offered to give it to Little Monkette for free! While this was a great offer, I certainly didn’t mind paying the $5, so I offered up a trade. I would make the seller’s daughter, ‘B’ an initial tshirt in exchange for the bike. (This actually ending up costing me less than the original $5 and who knows, it could lead to more orders for Two Florida Girls!) I can’t wait to hear how ‘B’ and her mom like the new shirt (I dropped it off while they weren’t home.)

B initial shirt (with small heart on bottom of the back!)

I got a message from B’s Mom to let me know how much they liked the shirt! B opened it up and loved it so much that she decided she would wear it the very next day to school! 🙂 I’m so glad she liked it! Can’t wait for Little Monkette to be big enough for the bike!

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  1. Holly says:

    AWESOME!! I love your stuff!

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