This Christmas I received a great and surprising gift. I was interested in getting a serger, although I didn’t really know much about them. I didn’t think to ask for a serger, but much to my surprise, my parents bought me one!

My new to me serger!

I didn’t even take it out of the packaging until yesterday! I had read the manual but felt even more confused than I was to start! I tried looking up some information online but none of that helped! Finally I just decided to turn on the machine and see what would happen. I read that you were supposed to run the machine to start a ‘chain’ before putting fabric in. I tried that but I wasn’t sure that it was really making a chain. I put some scrap fabric into the serger but when I was done, all the threads pulled right out.  I did some more reading online and decided that I needed to use three threads (not the four that were threaded) and that rethreading it might help.

I spent a bit of time working on the rethreading and following the manual closely. Once I got it done, I tested it out and sure enough I had a ‘chain’ form!! Yay! I used a piece of scrap fabric and sure enough it worked!!! I was SO excited. I wanted to use it on the dress I was making for Baby A, but I wasn’t confident in it yet. (I couldn’t mess up the fabric on Baby A’s dress because it was all we had!) I ran some more tests on scrap fabric and then just decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. It worked out great!

Check out those seams!

I still have more to learn, as you can see they aren’t perfect seams, but already I’m happy and excited for what this can do to my sewing!


2 Responses to Serged!

  1. Dad says:

    looks good to me!

  2. Mom says:

    wooo hooo!!! way to go!!!

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