Camping at Alafia River

We booked a camping trip over New Years with our friends. It was a great time to get away and relax some after the craziness of the holidays and before school started back up. We took a three night trip down to Alafia River. We headed down on Thursday and got set up before our friends arrived. We helped them get set up once they got to the park. It was nice that there was very little of an agenda…so everyday we all just hung around and did what we wanted. The kids (and some of the adults) did a lot of bike riding. Big Monkey went on some of the trails and took a nice chunk out of his leg. We are over a week past it happening and it is still painful, though healing up nicely.

I got to do quite a bit of reading (I took along the new book I got for Christmas and got about halfway through it! I need another camping trip so I can finish it up!). I also did some geocaching. Once with Little Monkey and Z, once with Big Monkey and another time with D. All told, we found ten caches and two travel bugs! Our friends had already found all the ones at Alafia River when they camped there before, so we are catching up on their numbers! There are many bike, hiking and horse trails at the park. Each day it was quite busy but the campground was still nice and quiet. We got to talk to a few horses, which Little Monkey loved.

It was nice to have a relaxing time. All the girls in our friends’ family were sick most of the weekend, so it was pretty calm and quiet. We plan to go back to Alafia River, just not during summer because there was hardly any shade in the campground.


(I was waiting and waiting to post this because I was hoping that our friend would send me some of the pictures she took….but she hasn’t. Oh well.)


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