Upcycled Lilly Pillowcase Dress

Earlier this week I showed you the upcycled Lilly baby gift set I made. Mommy D sent us the dress below to make a pillowcase dress for Baby A. The only request Mommy D had was to keep the original hem and lace as the hem of the new dress. I love the detail and love how it all turned out.

Original Lilly Strapless Dress

I started out with the dress, which had two layers. I cut apart the two layers and removed the zipper. After much research online for an easy to follow tutorial, I finally decided to use Prudent Baby’s tutorial. I measured out what I needed and cut one piece from the front of the dress. I used that piece to cut a matching piece from the back of the dress. Since I had figured out how to use the new serger earlier in the day, I used it to sew the dress together. I love how it made the inside seams turn out. It looks very well made and professional! 🙂 (Disclaimer–the dress is not perfect….but I still LOVE how it turned out!)

Showing the bias tape along the arm hole.

I continued to follow the tutorial and used bias tape for the first time. I was surprised how easy it actually was. (Big thanks to Prudent Baby for explaining it in a simple way for me!) It certainly helped to make the arm seams very nice looking. Now that I know how to use bias tape, I think I would be more likely to use it in the future for other projects. Last but not least, I made the casing for the ribbon ties. Prudent Baby also had a great suggestion for the casing. The tutorial suggested folding the top down a 1/4 inch and ironing and then also another 3/4 inch before sewing. It made that inside seam very nice looking. I put the ribbon ties inside and it was done! I need to make the ribbon ties a bit longer (thankfully I have more ribbon!) but it was hard to know how much to use without having a child to measure it on!


All finished!

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2 Responses to Upcycled Lilly Pillowcase Dress

  1. The dress looks adorable. I just learned how to properly use my serger too. I can’t wait to give it a whirl!

  2. dawn says:

    LOVE Her new lilly dress!!!! I think I loved it so much it made me go into labor…

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