Little Monkette’s Kitchen

For Christmas this year, I asked Pops to make Little Monkette a kitchen. I found a few ideas I liked online that were upcycled from nightstands and old tv cabinets. Since we weren’t finding any cabinets that we thought would very well. In the end, Pops decided to craft the kitchen himself from scratch. I went over to the house to help him out with it some but he did most of the work. We painted the kitchen in the same pink color from her room.

When Christmas Eve came, the kitchen was by the tree but all covered up with a sheet. Little Monkette got some pots and pans from her great grandparents. It surprised them that she knew exactly what to do with them.. She was very cute ‘mixing’ things up in her pots and playing with them on the floor.

Cooking in her new pots and pans

Little Monkey was very excited when Little Monkette opened up her new kitchen. I think he thought it was more for him than her, but he let her play with it that night pretty well. Since then though he likes to help her cook in there a lot! They have a lot of fun in the new kitchen.

The new kitchen!

The kitchen gets played with almost everyday. Little Monkette’s newest favorite thing to do is take the sink out and throw things into the “fridge/pantry” through the hole. 🙂 She got some plates, napkins, cups, silverware and other assorted kitchen items for Christmas from our family. We got her some felt foods. I have been checking out the felt foods online and considering making some for her.

One day while playing with her, I noticed that she was having a hard time reaching up on the top surface some so I grabbed the stool from the bathroom. I tried to show her to stand up on it but she wouldn’t have it. Apparently cooking is hard work for her!

Silly girl!

Thanks Pops for making the kitchen! I’m certain it will get lots of use for years to come!


3 Responses to Little Monkette’s Kitchen

  1. Dad says:

    Looks like she is having fun!!

  2. Deana says:

    Wow she is getting so big! Love the kitchen. 🙂

  3. amypaul says:

    Love that picture!

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