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February 27, 2011

I know Valentine’s Day is long past….but I have been slacking in the blogging world, so I’m just now getting around to sharing this post with you. Since Little Monkey has pku, food is often an issue. We decided that we would make valentines for his classmates instead of buying/giving out candy. Little Monkey was excited about the idea and helped with much of the project.

We decided on making heart shaped crayons and also an initial for each student. Little Monkey helped to remove crayon wrappers, sort colors, signed his name to all the cards and helped stuff the bags with the crayons.

Pile of valentines, ready to give out.

I printed the cards to read, “You color my world Valentine!” For this project, we ended up spending $1 to get the bags to put the goodies in. (We have extra bags left over to use for another project one day.) Everything else we had on hand. It was a fun project and I love how they turned out. I hope Little Monkey’s classmates liked them too.

Close up of one valentine. Two heart crayons, one letter M.

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Etsy Shop Review-Earrings

February 25, 2011

Image from The Cosmic Fun Palace

A family friend of ours, M, had a birthday recently. She happens to love Legos and Harry Potter. After some research through her mom and sister, I did some hunting on Etsy for a fun gift. I happened upon some pretty cool ideas. Some of them were out of my budget for this gift but I did find a cute pair of earrings that I thought she would like.

The earrings were from The Cosmic Fun Palace. I emailed the shop owner prior to making my purchase. I know about Legos..but was not familiar with the Harry Potter sets really. I wanted to see if the earrings I was looking at getting were actually pieces from the Harry Potter sets, or Legos that had the Harry Potter logo applied to them. I was given a quick response with great customer service. I purchased the earrings for M and they came ready to give to her. I just wrapped them up. M loved them! (Yay!!!) Great product, Great price and Great service! Looking for some unique Lego themed gifts (or other fun items too!)? Check out The Cosmic Fun Palace!

Initial Onesie Baby Gift

February 24, 2011

Some friends of ours from church had a baby recently. I had made them some burp cloths for the shower, but since they didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl, I couldn’t make any personalized items. I signed up to take dinner to their family during the first weeks of little R’s life to help them out. When I took dinner by, I also dropped off a personalized initial onesie for baby R. His mom loved it! ūüôā Can’t wait for the little guy to be big enough to wear it!

"R" Initial Onesie

I love the font and the fabric! So fun! If you are interested in an Initial Onesie or Shirt, head on over to Two Florida Girls for a custom order! (Or if you are friends with me, have a baby and I’ll likely make you one!) ūüôā

More Craftiness

February 23, 2011

I have been able to craft a bit lately and it has been nice. Here are two more items I have made recently.

The first is a special order initial letter shirt. A friend of mine asked me to make it for her (though she really probably could make it herself if her machine wasn’t giving her such fits!). I heard that the birthday boy liked it too. Yay!

"R" Basbeball Initial Shirt

This next item was for a birthday gift. I wasn’t sure what to make the birthday girl, as I had already made her a set of bean bags and a Big Sister Twirl skirt. I finally decided to make her a twirl skirt from one of the work shirt for where her daddy works. I was able to get my hands on a shirt without her parents knowing, which made the surprise even better when they opened the gift. I ended being able to use all the writing on the shirt, but had to make it a size or two too big in order to not cut off too much of the letters. I can’t wait for the birthday girl to be big enough to wear it!

Birthday Girl Fire Department Twirl Skirt

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Where Did I Go?

February 22, 2011

Where did I go?? That is a great question. It is not like me to not be blogging….for the most part I have been here, reading lots of blogs, working on projects and taking a camping trip. I just haven’t managed to fit any blogging time into that. I am hoping to fix that. I have some things to tell you about, so hopefully I will find some time to sit and type it out for you! ūüôā I would like to give you a list to help me remember the things I want to write about (like I did over here). Updating with links as they are posted!

From the previous list–

New stuff-

I think that’s it for now….lol that is quite the list! Hopefully I’ll find some time to get to writing and show you some pictures too!

More Twirl Skirts

February 12, 2011

Since I learned how to use the serger, sewing twirl skirts has become a cinch! It takes way more time to cut out the pieces than it does to actually get the skirt sewn together. We are hoping to soon be able to offer you similar skirts in our Etsy shop.

The first one is from some fun puppy princess fabric I picked up at Joanns. I made it in Little Monkette’s size but she already has so many skirts. This one will likely go into the shop once we are able to sell them. I might have Little Monkette model it for some pictures though! I used the same fabric for all the panels as well as for the waistband.

Puppy Princess Twirl Skirt

Close up of the Puppy Princess fabric

This twirl skirt was made for one of Amy’s friends. She gave me an old Tenth Avenue North t-shirt she had and asked me to make one. I kept putting it off for a while, trying to perfect the skirts a bit better. Now that I am using the serger, they are MUCH better than before. I was loving how this skirt was turning out, but then as I was attaching the waistband, something bad happened. A piece of the front panel of the skirt got stuck up into the serger and got cut! AHHHHH!!!! NO!!!!!! I was finally able to find a small fix. I’m not totally happy with it but it is still cute. I hope the recipient of the skirt loves her new twirl skirt!

Tenth Avenue North Twirl Skirt

Front panel with the pucker at the top. ūüė¶

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Little Monkey Update

February 10, 2011

We heard back on Little Monkey’s blood test finally. The results were what we expected, not what we wanted. He had a blood phe level of 9.6. This is lower than the last reading but still not acceptable. We have stopped the Kuvan and they are calling him a non-responder. Part of me is bummed about the outcome but at least we know. As Amy said one day, when Little Monkey was born, they didn’t even have Kuvan as an option. It has been almost five years…and in another five years there might be another option.