More Craftiness

I have been able to craft a bit lately and it has been nice. Here are two more items I have made recently.

The first is a special order initial letter shirt. A friend of mine asked me to make it for her (though she really probably could make it herself if her machine wasn’t giving her such fits!). I heard that the birthday boy liked it too. Yay!

"R" Basbeball Initial Shirt

This next item was for a birthday gift. I wasn’t sure what to make the birthday girl, as I had already made her a set of bean bags and a Big Sister Twirl skirt. I finally decided to make her a twirl skirt from one of the work shirt for where her daddy works. I was able to get my hands on a shirt without her parents knowing, which made the surprise even better when they opened the gift. I ended being able to use all the writing on the shirt, but had to make it a size or two too big in order to not cut off too much of the letters. I can’t wait for the birthday girl to be big enough to wear it!

Birthday Girl Fire Department Twirl Skirt

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