Etsy Shop Review-Earrings

Image from The Cosmic Fun Palace

A family friend of ours, M, had a birthday recently. She happens to love Legos and Harry Potter. After some research through her mom and sister, I did some hunting on Etsy for a fun gift. I happened upon some pretty cool ideas. Some of them were out of my budget for this gift but I did find a cute pair of earrings that I thought she would like.

The earrings were from The Cosmic Fun Palace. I emailed the shop owner prior to making my purchase. I know about Legos..but was not familiar with the Harry Potter sets really. I wanted to see if the earrings I was looking at getting were actually pieces from the Harry Potter sets, or Legos that had the Harry Potter logo applied to them. I was given a quick response with great customer service. I purchased the earrings for M and they came ready to give to her. I just wrapped them up. M loved them! (Yay!!!) Great product, Great price and Great service! Looking for some unique Lego themed gifts (or other fun items too!)? Check out The Cosmic Fun Palace!


One Response to Etsy Shop Review-Earrings

  1. Soozcat says:

    I’m so thrilled that M was pleased with them! Thanks again for your purchase.

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