Color My World

I know Valentine’s Day is long past….but I have been slacking in the blogging world, so I’m just now getting around to sharing this post with you. Since Little Monkey has pku, food is often an issue. We decided that we would make valentines for his classmates instead of buying/giving out candy. Little Monkey was excited about the idea and helped with much of the project.

We decided on making heart shaped crayons and also an initial for each student. Little Monkey helped to remove crayon wrappers, sort colors, signed his name to all the cards and helped stuff the bags with the crayons.

Pile of valentines, ready to give out.

I printed the cards to read, “You color my world Valentine!” For this project, we ended up spending $1 to get the bags to put the goodies in. (We have extra bags left over to use for another project one day.) Everything else we had on hand. It was a fun project and I love how they turned out. I hope Little Monkey’s classmates liked them too.

Close up of one valentine. Two heart crayons, one letter M.

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2 Responses to Color My World

  1. Mom says:

    very clever!

  2. Deana says:

    Holy Moly this is cool! Instructions please!

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