Etsy Shop Review Times 2-Soap

Recently I found LoveLeeSoaps shop on Etsy.  They make some fun food shaped soaps. One night, I was online and noticed that LoveLeeSoaps was giving away discount coupons on Facebook! I managed to snag one and ordered some Swedish Fish soaps for my friend D. She LOVES Swedish Fish, so I thought she would think these soaps would be fun. D liked them and tried fooling her kids into thinking they were the snack swedish fish but they figured it out before eating it. LoveLeeSoaps had a great product, offers many great deals and had great service. I would suggest LoveLeeSoaps to anyone looking for fun soap! Check them out!


Photo from LoveLeeSoaps

I found Broken Road Farm on Etsy when looking for lego man type favors for Little Monkey’s birthday. I fell in love with these little lego men soaps. They are so fun. Broken Road Farm had great customer service when I contacting them about needing more soaps than they had listed. I am glad I got these for the party. They were fun favors to give out, even with an incident with one of Little Monkey’s aunts! (She thought it was candy and bit the head right off before we noticed and stopped her!) Check out Broken Road Farm too!

Photo from Broken Road Farm's Etsy Shop

I ended up repackaging the lego men soaps since they came in packs of six (Ready to gift, but we were giving out just one per person).

Soap Favors


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