Little Monkey’s Lego Cake

To go with Little Monkey’s Lego themed party, we, of course, had to have a green lego block cake. I decided to try a recipe from Cook for Love this time. It had very good ratings and Brenda was very helpful in answering my questions before I tried to make it.

Little Monkey was very excited and eager to help out with making his cake. He donned his apron (I made him for his birthday a few years ago.) and got out the step stool. He helped to sift the starches.

Working hard!

It was quite a process to make the cake (but I trusted Brenda has it figured out, so I persevered). Once everything was mixed up and ready to go, we pour them into two small cake pans. They went into the oven to bake and then we let them cool. (They ended up ‘cooling’ overnight while we waited for more time to work on the cake.)

Ready to cool

The next day, we put the cakes in the freezer to help make them more stable for when we cut them up to make the lego block. We split the cakes in half and stacked them together, using a buttercream frosting that we colored green (recipe also on Cook for Love).

Lego Block Base

After the first coating of frosting, we put the cake back in the freezer for a few minutes. We took the remaining fourth section of cake and cut circles out of it to put on top of the base. After assembling that section, we decided we probably should have frosted the circles before putting them on the cake.

Amy helping level out the lego top

After Amy leveled out the lego tops, we got to work on frosting the rest of the cake. It was a little challenging to get those little circles on top covered well. But we persevered and got it done! Mimi had the idea to move the cake onto a piece of Lego road. After we set it up on the road, I grabbed some of Little Monkey’s minifigs and put them in front of the cake. I thought it would be cute if the minifigs were holding up a banner to say Happy Birthday. Mimi helped me out and we constructed a little banner with tape, construction paper, a sharpie and toothpicks! I love how it turned out!

Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

The cake was Little Monkey (and everyone else) approved! It tasted great and Little Monkey even ate almost his entire piece! (This was a big deal for me because with his old cupcakes/cake he would just lick the frosting off the top and then throw away the cupcake. It is frustrating to have that happen all the time, especially with how much work and money it takes for most of his special foods.) Thanks to Brenda and Cook for Love for your hard work in creating great recipes!


Little Monkey Approved!

Happy 5th Birthday Little Monkey!!!

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2 Responses to Little Monkey’s Lego Cake

  1. Amber Powell says:

    Love the cake. What a great idea to put it on the lego board with the figures in front. Too cute. I bet he loved it!

  2. Diane says:

    What a cute cake… cute little chef guy as well Ÿ

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