Brownie Oreos

Amy ran across this recipe and told me that it was good. I decided that I would give it a try for a yummy snack. Amy was right! These are very yummy and so easy to make.

Check out Picky Palate for the recipe! Basically though, you need a box of brownie mix (and the ingredients to make them) and a package of Oreos.

After you are done, they will look something like this (unless you fully follow Picky Palate’s recipe because she adds fun frosting!):


Brownie Covered Oreos

They are SO good! I made a set of them for our last camping trip. I don’t think they lasted more than 20 minutes once we opened them up! Next time we will not bring the brownie covered oreos so soon! And we’ll probably ration them a bit more too! 🙂


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