A Geocaching bag, take two

Last summer, I made over an ugly drawstring bag for us to use as a geocaching bag. We keep a pen, the gps, batteries, items to trade, travel bugs, etc in it so that it doesn’t get lost and we always have it all together. Recently, we were out camping with our friends and they forgot to bring their travel bug along on the hike, again. I was told that since they don’t have a cool geocaching bag, they tend to forget stuff.

I decided that meant that I should make them a bag! 🙂 When I was at the salon school recently, the instructors were having a trivia game for the students to win a nice tote bag. I tried to help my student win by looking up the information through google on my phone. We were pretty close but we didn’t have the exact answer they were looking for. In the end, the instructor gave me a drawstring bag for my efforts.

School drawstring bag

Since I didn’t really have a need for a drawstring bag like this, I decided it was the perfect bag to use to make our friends their very own geocaching bag. In some spare time I had recently….I got to work and finished their bag in time to take it to them on our camping trip.

Finished Geocaching Bag

I wish I would have used some darker fabrics or lined them so that the words wouldn’t show through as much, but our friends are happy with it. Hopefully now they won’t forget or lose their travel bugs and they will always have a pen or items to trade when they go geocaching!


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