Easter Shirt For Me!

After making Little Monkette’s Easter shirt, I was a little sad that I hadn’t made option 2 with 2 bunnies. I decided that I would just make a shirt for me! Since option 2, with two bunnies, was more of a mom and baby design, I thought it would be perfect for me.

I looked through my closet to find a shirt that I didn’t wear much but that still had life in it. I found this plain light pinkish shirt.

Plain shirt before

I decided to pick out some fabric that was different from Little Monkette’s shirt. I thought the mommy bunny should be a different fabric than the baby bunny. I used the same fabric as Little Monkette’s shirt for the baby bunny. I decided that the different fabrics was similar to how Little Monkette is only half me and half Big Monkey. So I went with a pink fabric but with stripes instead of swirls. A little cutting, ironing and sewing and my new Easter shirt is done!

Not as boring Easter shirt after

Please ignore the mess in the background…..I was working on Florida Love shirts at the same time! We will be wearing our Easter shirts to the egg hunt today! Hopefully we’ll get a picture together!

Here is a close up of the bunnies on my shirt:

Close up!

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