Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 2

Today’s gift was a small collection of items all bagged up together. When we were at Target yesterday, we found some notepads and packs of pencils on clearance from the dollar spot for 25cents. I picked up three notepads and three packs of pencils. I wasn’t sure how we were give them as a gift but then decided to add it to some snacks.

Online I found some other food themed ideas and thankfully we had everything at the house! I had seen the water idea on many sites but it was also listed on the site that I found the popcorn idea. I ended up typing up my own copy of the popcorn corn poem and printed them out. Here is the link to the post where I found it.

Little Monkey with today's gift.

There is a bottle of water with card stock attached. It says, “Thanks for “quenching” the “thirst” for knowledge.” There is a mini pad of paper and ten pencils. The other card stock piece has a poem that relates to popcorn and is attached to a snack size bag of popcorn. We put everything into gift bags and Little Monkey took them to school. He was very excited to give them to his teachers.

I bought the pencils and pads of paper at Target for 25cents each. Everything else, including the gift bags and tissue paper, we had on hand! đŸ™‚ I believe it was another successful day and for just 50cents a teacher!

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