Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 5

Today is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week! I think we saved the best for last. I found this idea online at madigan made: A magnetic memo board with magnets. Hers was made from items at the dollar store, which made it pretty appealing for my small budget teacher appreciation week gifts. I check out our dollar store and they didn’t have the items I needed. Small bummer but I was able to find what I needed at Michael’s and Walmart. (I probably could have picked it all up at Walmart, but I wanted to just get a few pieces of scrapbook paper.

Finished product, waiting for Little Monkey's signature.

I picked out the scrapbook paper at the store, but Little Monkey did help out with the mod podge part of the project. Want to make your own? (You can check out madigan made’s tutorial to see her version too.)

Here’s what you need to make just one Magnetic Memo Board:
1 Stove Burner Cover (I got mine in a 4 pack at Walmart for $3.97)
1 sheet of scrapbook paper (Clearance pages from Micheal’s 29cents)
3 heavy duty magnet buttons (I had some on hand)
3 clear flat back gem marbles (I bought mine at Michael’s in a pack of 20)
Mod Podge (on hand)
Paintbrush (on hand)
Hot glue and hot glue gun (Also on hand)
Scissors (on hand)
Piece of ribbon (on hand)
If desired-Drill and file (I would recommend it)

It is best to drill the holes in the top of the outside ring of the burner cover and file them first. (I asked Big Monkey to help me with this and he did.) This is how you will attached the ribbon to hang the cover on the wall. If you don’t drill holes, you can hot glue the ribbon to the back and it will also work. Having the ribbon come from the top makes it look nicer and hang better on the wall.

Since my burner covers were all black, I chose to not paint them and just go with it. I flipped the burner over on top of the scrapbook paper and ran a pen around it to know where to cut. Next I cut the circle out and added Mod Podge to the burner cover. Carefully add the scrapbook paper from the middle out, making sure it is nice and flat. You don’t want bubbles! Apply another layer of Mod Podge to the top of the scrapbook paper. Let it dry!

While that is drying, you can work on your magnets. Place your flat back gem marbles on the scrapbook paper and trace around them. Cut out the scrapbook paper. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the flat back and then add the scrapbook paper (colorful side to the Mod Podge) and then another layer of Mod Podge. Wait for those to dry too.

Once everything is dry, you can thread your ribbon through the holes (or glue on the back) and tie a knot in each end to keep them attached. Also add hot glue to your flat back gem marbles and attach the magnets. Let dry.

Now you are done! Hang it up on the wall and start leaving yourself notes! Or wrap it up and gift it to a friend (or teacher).

Little Monkey with one of the finished products.

Once again, Little Monkey was very excited to take these to his teachers. I can’t wait to hear how they went over. 🙂 We added to ‘notes’ to the sign. One says, “Take Note! You are an awesome teacher!” The other says, “We hope you had a great week! Please know we appreciate ALL you do!”

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2 Responses to Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 5

  1. Mom says:

    Great job!

  2. Cheryl says:

    So clever… I never would have thought to use a burner cover in this way!

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