The Newest Addition

Sadie and Mommy

So, for Mother’s Day, (Well she arrived the next day because Big Monkey was working on Mother’s Day) I got a new puppy. I’ve named her Sadie. 🙂 She is tiny and oh so adorable. She is a Min Pin Cocker Spaniel mix. She came from some friends of ours from church. I had talked about maybe getting one of their dogs but just couldn’t decide. Then they were down to just one puppy, a little girl. I really didn’t think I wanted a girl, but I couldn’t get her out of my head. After finally deciding and telling our friends no, I kept thinking about her. I finally asked our friend (D) about the puppy, Did they still have her? And apparently, that is when all the lying started. A big group lie that everyone seemed to be in on. I’ll tell your their crazy story (That I somehow believed!) in a few days when I get a chance to write about it. For now, I’m cuddling my little Sadie.


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