Thursday night, Big Monkey was working and the kids and I were hanging out relaxing with the pups. Since having a calm, boring night wouldn’t be any fun…Little Monkey decided to spice it up. (Okay really he didn’t, it was an accident but it certainly changed the evening.)

While playing with Little Monkette and the pups, Little Monkey ran across the room (Something he’s not supposed to do) and jumped onto the ottoman (Something he’s not supposed to do) and ended up hitting hitting his face on the marble window sill. He started screaming and then I saw it…blood and a deep gash on his cheek just under his right eye. I don’t deal well with these types of situations but I did my best. I grabbed Little Monkey, carried him to the linen closet, got a towel and told him to sit on the couch holding the washcloth to his wound. I grabbed the phone and called Big Monkey at work, no answer. I called his cell, no answer, I sent him a text telling him to call asap because we were headed to the ER for stitches. I grabbed some shoes for Little Monkey and Little Monkette and got some shoes on myself. (I was wearing gym clothes from having worked out earlier and was still so gross but it is what it is.) I put Sadie in her crate and we all got in the car.

I called my Dad to see about getting the number for Centra Care because I thought they did. Big Monkey called me back and we discussed that we could go to Centra Care and to just keep him posted. I called Centra Care but was place on hold and never picked back up  before we arrived. During the car ride, Little Monkey did great but when we went to get out he cried again. I got everyone in the building and started talking to the nurses. They got him an ice pack and then moved back quickly to a room while I was still filling out paperwork.

Before the stitches

We all sat on the stretcher and talked about what was going to happen. The doctor came in and looked at the wound. He decided that it was too deep for the glue, so we were in for some stitches. He also wanted to do an x-ray to make sure Little Monkey didn’t break anything. Big Monkey had told me this wasn’t necessary, so I called him and let him know what was going on. We decided to go ahead with the x-ray and then get the stitches. The x-rays came back okay. They don’t think that he broke anything. Little Monkey did a great job for the x-rays. In fact, much of the time we were there he was doing so well. I had some crayons in my purse (Thank goodness), so that kept Little Monkette busy coloring on the stretcher paper and putting the crayons in and out of the box. We talked about what was going to happen and how Mommy, Daddy and Mimi all had stitches before.

When it was time to get the stitches, I had to move Little Monkette over to a chair so that Little Monkey could lay down. I held onto his hands and let him know he could squeeze them if it hurt. (I think I was squeezing his hands more than he was squeezing mine.) He was a trooper. He did cry but considering the circumstances he did great. The doctor cleaned his wound and the put a piece of paper-like cloth with a hole in it on his face to focus on the area. I was standing over Little Monkey and the Doctor asked me to either move or get a mask because breathing on Little Monkey and the wound could get more bacteria in it. I decided to kneel by the stretcher and hold Little Monkey’s hands. The Doctor gave Little Monkey some novacaine and after it had a minute to take effect, he started stitching him back together. I could fully see what he was doing but Little Monkey didn’t like it. It seemed like he was stitching a lot and for a long time but in the end we only had two stitches. From the time of the accident to the time we left Centra Care was just over an hour.

After the stitches

Little Monkey was a trooper. He has been healing but he has a little bit of shiner too. We have talked about the accident many times since it happened and hopefully he has learned his lesson about running in the house and jumping on the furniture. Thankful that he just needed a few stitches!


One Response to Stitches!

  1. Jennfer says:

    Scary! Glad Little Monkey is okay – way to handle the situation (I’m sure I would have been freaking out not only just handling the injured one but also trying to take care of the other little one at the same time – way to go Super Mom 🙂 )

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