Shrek the Musical

A BIG thanks to our favorite radio station, AM 990, Radio Disney for providing us with a great family fun night on Tuesday! Little Monkey LOVES listening to Radio Disney and often they give away some great prizes. A few weeks ago, Little Monkey called in and won a family four pack of tickets to go see Shrek the Musical on opening night! (The very next day–our friends called in an won a family four pack too!) We were able to get our seats all together for the night of the show.

Little Monkey with our tickets after we picked them up from Radio Disney!

I told Little Monkey about the show and explained how it was the story of Shrek, like we had seen on the dvd but that this time it would be with real people. He wasn’t quite understanding the difference, so I showed him some pictures from their site. He was very excited about it and even more excited that Mimi, Aunt K and our friends would all be coming too. (Big Monkey had to work and Little Monkette stayed home with a sitter.)

I informed Little Monkey that we needed to dress up for this show because it was a bigger deal than just going to the movies. He decided to pick out his guitar tie, which we paired with a button down shirt, dark jeans and converses. We got to the theater and Mimi had arrived just before us. We were a bit early and Aunt K wasn’t there yet, so we hung out outside for a bit. While we were waiting, Little Monkey really wanted to touch the water that was flowing in this fountain nearby (He saw other people doing it and thought he should too.). Mimi finally took him down to check out the water and after, they sat at one of the tables. I was able to catch a few pictures of them conversing before they noticed I was taking pictures.

Private conversation with Mimi.

Once Aunt K got there, we decided to go inside so we could go to the bathroom before the show started. We were still a bit early, so we walked around checking things out. We found this big box with Shrek’s logo on it and put Little Monkey up on it to take a picture of him. He really wanted us to buy him a Shrek ears headband but was okay with it when we told him know. (Although I have to admit the Princess Fiona ones were super cute!)

Ready for the show!

We found our seats and the kids all wanted to sit together. I wasn’t sure that was the best idea but in the end, they moved around some so they could see better. (Little Monkey ended up on my and Mimi’s laps during the show.) Before the show started the kids looked through their Playbills for the shows. Little Monkey was so funny. He said that he was going to keep the list of the cast with their photos out during the show so he would know who was who. 🙂

Little Monkey with his friends!

Shrek the Musical was a fun show. It was definitely a great show, for both the kids and adults. Just like the Shrek movies, there are jokes that only the adults will get. It was a late night but all the kids did a great job and stayed awake for the entire show! (Little Monkey was out cold no more than five minutes into the car ride home though!) Thanks again AM 990 Radio Disney for the tickets!


2 Responses to Shrek the Musical

  1. amypaul says:

    Lord Farquad stole the show! 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Sounds like a fun time! I’m glad he’s all smiles post-stitches. 🙂

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