Fleece Dog Toy

Braided Fleece Dog Toy

I had seen this idea on a few blog recently (sorry I didn’t save any particular one….) but we decided to make a fleece dog toy the other day for Sadie and Roland. I had some fleece in my fabric box that we decided to use. I bought the fleece at least a year or two ago to make a blanket….but it never happened. (I think that has something to do with Big Monkey saying we had too many fleece blankets!) We pulled out the brightly colored striped fleece and cut three very long strips that were about four inches wide. I wrapped a hair tie around one end and had Little Monkey hold it. I braided it and then tied multiple knots in each end of the rope. The kids were happy to play with the rope but it took a little time for the dogs to warm up to the idea. Eventually Sadie decided to play with it. It is a good toy for her to chew on with her sharp puppy teeth!

Sadie likes the new toy.

Roland and Sadie have even gotten into a little tug of war with it too. Easy toy and made with something we had on hand that wasn’t being used. Win win I’d say. 🙂


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