Quick Flower Hair Clip

Saturday night I was able to go out and celebrate my best friend still being 29…for a few more days. He is the last of our group of friends to break the big 3-0. After trying on multiple outfits and discovering I really do need to lose at least 15 pounds to fit back into many of my outfits, I found a dress and decided to wear my hair half up/half down, like I do a lot. I decided to make a quick rosette flower clip that would match (not perfectly but look good) with my dress.

From broken clip to.....

I grabbed some scrap fabric and cut it in long strips. Then I tied a knot in the end and started wrapping and twisting the fabric around the knotted center. Every few wraps I would add some hot glue (Dries faster than the fabric glue). I ended up making three fabric rosettes and glued them to an old hair clip that was broken. (I had planned to hot glue it back together but this was a better idea.) I love how it turned out and will probably try and make some more. Tons of fabric/color options for these clips!

Fun flowered clip!

This isn’t the best picture, but here is a shot in my hair….and it really is darker like in the above photo.

Clip in my hair.

For dinner, my best friend decided on a Turkish restaurant for his party. There was a belly dancer there and we really couldn’t figure out how she was managing to do what she was. I was always bouncing around in my seat and near the end of dinner she came over and hand me go belly dance with her! It was SO embarrassing but very funny. It was captured on video…but I don’t think you need to see that just yet…..maybe one day.

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  1. Cute idea! Love it! 🙂

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