Little Monkey Sews!

Little Monkey has been bugging me for awhile to learn how to sew…..he often ‘plays’ like he is sewing something without actually sewing anything. The other week I decided that I would help him learn how to sew. The first problem was to decide on WHAT he could learn to sew. I picked out a pillowcase. Not too many seams and nothing very detailed. Little Monkey was excited. We took a field trip to Wal-Mart one day to pick out fabric. First he said that he wanted Buzz and Woody fabric but then decided on some fire truck fabric he found. We found some coordinating fabric too and got a little bit of it. Once we got it cut, I let him know that I would take care of getting the fabric washed while he was at school so that we could work on it in the afternoon.

Once Little Monkey was home from school, we got to work on the pillowcase. We used one of his other pillowcases as a ‘pattern’ and traced with a fabric marker where to cut on the fabric. Little Monkey cut out the fabric (which explains the jagged edges). He was very proud and excited about the project.

Working on cutting the fabric for the main section.

Once he had all the pieces cut out, I took care of ironing them and also pinning them together. We started by pinning and sewing the accent section to the main fabric. Little Monkey pushed the pedal and helped me move the fabric through the machine. He was very excited about the project.

Working on sewing the two sections together.

It took a few days to finally finish the pillowcase. We had to work while Little Monkette was napping or occupied with something long enough for us to get something done! Once he was done, Little Monkey was very proud to show it off to everyone. Anyone who has come over to our house has seen the pillowcase. I helped him by also finishing off most of the raw edges with the serger, just to help keep them looking nice and not ravel. Little Monkey asked to have the pillowcase put on his pillow that night! He loves it, probably even more so because he helped make it!

Finished pillowcase!

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