End of Year Teacher Gift

I had been slacking on this…and even had people post on my Facebook page asking what I was going to do! So the night before the last day of school (last night) I finally decided what to do! I had some ideas saved and this one was one that was pretty easy to do. I found this idea last year and saved it in my “This might be a good idea to use later” folder. (What you don’t have one of those?) šŸ™‚ I originally found this on What are we doing today Mom?’s blog.

I typed up the needed information and printed it out on some card stock. Little Monkey helped out by finding some sticks in the yard that we could use. We used 5×7 frames from the dollar store, everything else we already had. A little bit of hot glue and tada! The project was complete! I did leave the glass front of the picture frame in the frame but put it behind the card stock so that the sticks would fit. Little Monkey also made some cards for his teachers.

Stick A

I hope his teachers will like this quote. We wrote inside his cards, “Thank you for helping educate me this year,” to go with the “educate” quote. šŸ™‚ Thanks Winnie the Pooh for being so smart!

Little Monkey was excited about his gifts.


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