Rosette Headband

These rosette flowers have been everywhere these days…but I have just gotten around to making some. My sister-in-law, K, asked if I could make her a headband with flowers on it. (First she thought I made Amy’s headband one night, but I had not. I told her what I thought I could do and she liked the idea.)

I offered to make her one as part of her birthday gift. She was very happy with that idea. I took some pink t-shirt fabric I had left over from cutting up a shirt for a twirl skirt (I haven’t even finished that skirt either.). I got to work with some fabric glue and twisted, wrapped, glued, etc until I had three rosettes. I let the fabric glue dry and then hot glued the flowers to some felt. I cut another piece of felt and hot glued the headband in between the new felt piece and the felt piece with the rosettes.

Pink Rosette Headband

I hope that K will like it. It was my first time making the rosette flowers and making a headband. Okay I bought the headband piece and attached the flowers to it…but you know what I mean.

Headband on my head (It is hard to take this kind of pic!)

I also made another rosette headband for a friend. She likes Florida State and I’m working on updating a skirt for her. Since I hadn’t finished the skirt yet, I decided to make her a headband real quick to tide her over. 🙂

FSU Rosette Headband


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2 Responses to Rosette Headband

  1. Justine says:

    So cute! I’m putting it on my long list of to dos!

  2. kaitlin says:

    love it – you can make me one anytime

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