Book Review- The Help

The Help

Big Monkey and I went to the movies about a month ago and saw a preview for a movie coming out called, “The Help.” It looked interesting to me and I thought we might want to see it when it came out (or at least once it was on dvd). I did some looking around online and found that the movie was based off a book, “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett. I decided that it might be fun to read it first. I looked at our library’s website and saw that they had the book. I placed it on hold and picked it up two days later. I didn’t realize that the book was over 500 pages long! I don’t remember the last time I read a book that long!

I started reading the book and between evenings after the kids went to bed, driving to and from camping and while at camping and finished it within about two weeks! That is probably the fastest I’ve ever read such a long book. I really didn’t want to put it down but often had to force myself so that I could get some sleep! I have some ocd when reading (okay and at other times too) and I have a VERY hard time stopping reading unless it is at the end of the chapter. Many of these chapter were more than 12 pages, so it was a commitment to read another chapter. I just had to make myself go to bed and come back the next night!

I think it was pretty well written and I thought it was interesting. It is a fiction novel but some of the stories are based off of the author’s experience in her own family with their maid. I don’t have any experience with black maids, “help,” being the time frame that I grew up in. It was interesting to read and see how life was during that time period (a time period that really wasn’t that long ago). The characters made you want to know more about what they were going to do and made me ‘fight’ for some characters more than others.

After reading the book, I’m not so sure that I need to see the movie. I already have my own vision of how everyone looked and acted and a movie producer and casting director might mess that up! There are also a few scenes that, while they weren’t overly graphic in the book, I’m not sure I want to see on the big screen depending on the producer’s ideas of how to present it. Maybe I’ll wait for the dvd and then decide if I want to watch it. If you are looking for a good, interesting summer read, I would recommend this book.


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