ABC Bean Bags

Last month we had a special order for a set of alphabet bean bags…the entire alphabet! It was quite the project but it was so much fun! I had a great time picking out fabrics (26 different ones!) and matching solid color fabrics for the letters. This turned into a great gift for a very lucky girl in Canada.

Cut bean bags with letters.

The above photo is from during the process the cutting everything out and matching up fabrics for each letter. I also was moving the bean bag fabrics around until I liked the arrangement before picking out the letter fabrics. This order took almost a month to complete. We had discussed that with the customer so that I wasn’t sitting at the cutting table or sewing machine every hour of every day that I didn’t HAVE to be somewhere else! 🙂 It worked out great and everything got done.

Completed bean bags.

With as much time and work went in to these bean bags, we were a little sad to see them go. They are a lot of fun and we know the new owner will enjoy them! Interested in bean bags of your own? Come see us at the shop and we’ll set up you a custom listing!


3 Responses to ABC Bean Bags

  1. Kelly says:

    Those are so cute!

  2. That is such a wonderful idea. They all look so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

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