Pillow Sham Makeover

My Mom recently bought new bedding for the beach house and sent me an extra pillow sham that she had. She wanted me to make it into a long skinny pillow with the word “beach” on it. That was about all of the direction she gave me. I did send her a “proof” of the font but then I ended up changing the size of it before I was done.

I started out with the pillow sham and stencil letters that I printed from my computer. (I forgot to take a before picture, so all I have is the after.) I had planned to use solid color fabrics but I didn’t have the colors I really wanted on hand. Since I have a LOT of fabrics, I decided it was best to just use what I had and find something that would work. I found some patterned fabrics that I liked and decided to go for it. I cut all the letters and ironed them on. Next I did some stitching around the outside of each letter. Once I finished, I sewed along the side and bottom of the pillow sham where a stitch already existed. This made for a nicer finished outside. (At least I think so.) I filled the pillow up with some fiberfill (not quite a full bag-it was what I had left after using some for another project) and then sewed the open side closed! Finished pillow sham makeover!

Welcome to the beach!

The coloring seems a little off in the picture but I think it turned out fun. I’m excited to see it at the beach house!



One Response to Pillow Sham Makeover

  1. wow i wish i had the skills to make this lol. Nice blog. 😉

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