Freedom Four Miler

After we ran the Stop, Drop and Run 5k, my friend D tried to convince me that the Freedom Four Miler on the 4th of July wouldn’t be too bad. It was earlier in the day and ONLY .9 miles more than the 5k. I wasn’t convinced that I could do four miles but eventually, after being harassed about the race and the fact that I would be out of town during another 5k they would do, I decided to do the four miler. I kept training and gave it a go. I had never even run four miles before the Freedom Four Miler.

The night before the race, the kids, Big Monkey and I headed up to spend the night at D’s house since the race was much closer to their house than ours and we had a 7:30am start time. We were up by 6am to eat, change and get in the car. The littles did better than I expected them to. We put Little Monkette in the stroller at the race and she and Little Monkey hung out with D’s kids that weren’t running in the race. I gave Little Monkey the camera so he could get some pictures. This race he only took five pictures total! (The last race he probably took about 20 pictures.)

We somehow ended up starting the race at the very back of the pack (maybe 300 people total). I ran the entire first mile (at just over an 11 minute mile pace), plus a little bit more. Then I started doing a little bit of walking, running, walking, running, until I finished. I was very excited to see a homeowner spraying water across the road just after the three mile mark. I ran straight through it. It felt great! As i was approaching the finish, D and her son Z were waiting for me and they both ran me in to the very last turn before the finish line. I finished with an official time of 47:12 for the four miles. My tracker showed I only ran 3.9 miles but D’s tracker showed she ran 4.1 miles. Who knows, all I know is that I finished! 🙂 I am happy with that. No awards for our group this time around but that’s okay. I came in 10th in my age group and I’m just happy that I made it to the end and wasn’t last! 🙂

Approaching the last turn...

Unfortunately, when you give the camera to the five year old, you are likely to get out of focus, blurry pictures!

Going to the finish line!!

Now D is trying to convince me that a 10k is not that much more than four miles…but I’m not convinced yet! 🙂 We are all registered for the Warrior Dash in March 2012 though (3.09 miles with obstacles!).


One Response to Freedom Four Miler

  1. Jackee says:

    Great job!! I really enjoy running as well…kudos to you for finding the time to train while having small kiddos! Zay and I try to find at least a day a week to get out with the jogging stroller…so much fun! Great job – let me know how the 10K goes…I’ve never accomplished one of those! 😉

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