I Got Lost-

Well, I didn’t really get lost….Summer just took over my life. Over the past, almost two months, I have been on vacation, had a sick kid, taken Little Monkette to four weeks of swimming lessons, taken over the Homespun Chic Marketplace with Amy, sewn a lot of special orders, read a bunch of books and sent Little Monkey off to Kindergarten!

I am hoping that, in the next week or two, I can get a new ‘schedule’ of life together and get back to blogging. I have lots of things to write about and plenty of pictures to share! I do plan to keep blogging and I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I realize most of the people that have still be visiting are coming from links and google searches, as most of my ‘readers’ follow through RSS feeds. I bet you were surprised when this popped up in your readers!

Since I think most posts are pointless without a picture…here you go- I took this on our trip to the Keys. It is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip!

Bird in the ocean


One Response to I Got Lost-

  1. Jennifer says:

    Welcome back!! 🙂

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