Birthday Present

Our friends’ daughter recently turned one and we were invited to her party. I knew I wanted to make her something as her present but I wasn’t sure what. I headed to Target and found some shirts and shorts on clearance! Perfect! I loved the pink and yellow together and grabbed an extra pair of denim shorts too.

I decided on a pink and yellow flower applique. I searched online for a flower shape I liked and printed out a template. For the pink shirt, I made the flower yellow with a pink center and then the opposite for the yellow shorts! I love how they turned out!

Flower Outfit

With the second pair of shorts, I put the same small flower applique in the corner. A matching, but not exactly the same, set of clothes for the birthday girl! Thanks to the clearance rack all three pieces cost about $7 total. The fabric I used came from my scraps!

Flower Outfit II

The birthday girl and her mom loved the new pieces for her wardrobe! 🙂

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One Response to Birthday Present

  1. Target ❤ We go there too! They always have some pretty things for little girls.

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