Book Review-A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life

I remember hearing about Jaycee Dugard being found after an 18 year long abduction and confinement. When I saw she had written a book, I immediately added it to my library hold list and want list. I was last in line out of  88 people for the book from the library. Much to my surprise, the book became available faster than I thought it would. I have been reading a lot this summer (I have four more book reviews to write and that’s not even all the books I’ve read!).

I finished up reading a book about Elizabeth Smart when this book came up for me to borrow from the library. I quickly finished the other book so I could start this one. After reading this book for two days, I found out that it was only a seven day rental from the library! I got to work and finished it up in just four days of reading.

Part of me wasn’t sure I wanted to read what happened to Jaycee, but part of me really wanted to know some things…like how does someone stay in that environment for 18 years without trying to escape? She answered many questions I had. There were many things that I didn’t want to really know and she did tell those things too. It is so hard to believe that someone can do such things to an 11 year old girl. Jaycee is an amazing woman to have made it through all that she has and now to be building a great life for herself and her girls.

Jaycee did a great job telling about her life and everything she went through. I’m sure writing it down and reliving all of it was hard but also therapeutic. I wouldn’t suggest this book to everyone…but if you have some interest in her story and you can handle some of the unpleasantries that happened to her, it could be worth the read.


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