OPT-Other People’s Trash

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know I have an issue with driving around our neighborhood on trash day to see what people are throwing out. This week was no exception. And even better, I found something great! Originally I had planned to clean it up and sell it but after getting it home, I decided it would be a perfect gift for Little Monkette’s 2nd birthday.

I found this fun artist desk made by Step 2. The desk and painting board were covered in crayon, apparently the previous owner liked to color more on the desk than on paper. A little bit of Magic Eraser and it is just about good as new. Best part, Little Monkette won’t know that it is used and even if she did, she won’t care. I’m going with it for as long as I can! 🙂

Crayon Artist Desk


Painting Easel

I checked out the product on Step 2’s website and found out that brand new it costs $64.99! I must say I like mine even more now knowing how much it could cost (not that I would pay $64.99 for it!). It is missing the two bins for the bottom shelf but I figure we can hit up the dollar store for some baskets. Hopefully Little Monkette will love her new desk! (For now, it is hiding in the attic awaiting her birthday!)


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