Book Review: Still Growing

Still Growing

I read Still Growing back in the beginning of summer. I barely remember Growing Pains but I do remember Kirk Cameron. I’ve also seen FireProof, one of his more recent movies.

When I saw he had written an autobiography, I decided to check it out. The library happened to have this book too, so I added it to my hold list and it came up pretty quick. Overall it was a pretty quick read.

I thought it was interesting to see some of how he grew up and got into acting. It was also cool to see how becoming a Christian played a role in how he would accept roles. He also used his influence in the show, Growing Pains, to change part of the story line because he didn’t agree with it. I already knew how in the movie FireProof his character kisses his wife. Because of the strong views and feelings he and his real life wife had about this, the characters’ kiss in the film was actually done with his real life wife but in silhouette. What a great example to others and a great testimony to share.

If you are interested in seeing how his beliefs shaped him and his career, this could be a good read for you.


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