The Trampoline

Back in August, Big Monkey texted me saying, “Hey, do we want a trampoline?” My first thought was no. I didn’t know where we would really put it and if it would be a good idea with Little Monkey and Little Monkette. Then I asked, “How much?” I was surprised when Big Monkey told me it was free, we just had to pick it up. His friend had it at his house and didn’t want it any more.  Does he know me well or what!?!?! I’m all about free stuff and knew the kids would love it since they loved going to the trampoline place. I gave in and we got it.

The kids ask to jump almost every day. It is great for getting some extra energy out of them too! I am surprised by how much Little Monkette loves it but she thinks it is so fun! We have to give the kids separate times to jump but they are pretty good about sharing it.

Little Monkette jumping


Little Monkey jumping

Thanks to friends for thinking of us! We love using your old toys! 🙂 (Especially FREE ones!!!)


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