Family Handprint Art

I saw a similar project online somewhere…but decided to do our own version.  I found a great canvas to use for the project, (FREE–an Other People’s Trash item) and painted over the picture.

Trash Rescued Canvas

The kids helped me paint over the original painting (If you didn’t know, canvases can be quite costly, so rescuing this one made our project possible!) A couple  coats of paint and we were good to go. I bought some vinyl ($9.99 for the whole package but we probably used about $4 worth) and used the Cricut to cut out “OUR FAMILY.”  I put the vinyl on the painted and canvas and then we were ready to start.

Ready to leave our mark!

I started the project with my hand prints, orange and yellow. The kids were excited to see it and they were ready to get their hands into the paint too!

The first set of handprints

Little Monkey (green and purple) was the next to put his handprints on the canvas, followed by Little Monkette (pink and red). Little Monkette took a little convincing but once she did it, she LOVED it. I put another set of my handprints on the canvas (I had originally thought everyone would get to have two turns but after Big Monkey went I decided against it.). It took a little bit of convincing to get Big Monkey (blue and brown) to put his handprints on the canvas but he did it.

Almost done!

I had planned to take the vinyl off and be done but we didn’t cover the canvas as thoroughly as I had planned. Instead, Big Monkey suggested we use a sharpie around the vinyl letters and then pull the vinyl off. I finally agreed. I am really glad we did use the sharpie around the edges because it makes the letters stand out just enough to see them. I LOVE our new artwork. It is large (approx. 2.5ft x 3.5ft) and looks great. Even better, we made it, so it is nice and personal. I’m betting it will be a conversation piece when people come over.

Finished Product!

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2 Responses to Family Handprint Art

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is so cool! And what a great idea to repurpose a canvas.

  2. Kristy says:

    I love this idea! How fun and how special it will always be!

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