Jessie’s Costume

Little Monkette's Jessie Costume

Since Little Monkey decided that he wanted to be Woody this year, he suggested that Little Monkette be Jessie. Since Little Monkette doesn’t seem to care much, she is going to be Jessie. I decided to make the kids costumes, because I didn’t figure it would be too hard.

For Jessie I got a long sleeve white shirt from Walmart and sewed yellow felt to the front and back for the top part of the shirt. I then used a disappearing ink pen to draw the stitching on and then stitched over it with my sewing machine and some red thread. I made the cuffs the same way but they are not attached to the shirt. They will just slide over her hands. For the jeans, I grabbed a pair of jeans that she is almost outgrown and made some chaps with cow print and black felt. I was able to stitch the chaps just a bit along the top and sides to attach them to the jeans. The bottom parts are loose (just like the Jessie doll we have!). πŸ™‚ I got her the foam hat at the Dollar Tree. With GrandMom’s help, we made the red yarn braid, attached a yellow ribbon and used the glue gun to attach it to the back of the hat. I glued a little bit of white ribbon around the center and threaded white yarn around the outside. After finishing Little Monkey’s costume, we went back and made Little Monkette a craft foam belt with belt buckle.Β  Little Monkette loves her costume but wants nothing to do with the hat! Hopefully we can convince her to wear it for a few pictures!

I will post more pictures once they wear their costumes! πŸ™‚



One Response to Jessie’s Costume

  1. Oh it turned out great. I love it! Thanks so much for joining my Halloween Party!

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