Woody’s Costume

Little Monkey's Woody Costume

Little Monkey picked out the costumes for this year. At first he was not happy that I wasn’t just buying him a Woody costume at the store….but as it all came together and he got to help with parts of it, he started to love it. Once it was done it was hard to keep him out of it!

To make the Woody costume I got a craft foam hat from the Dollar Tree and added a ribbon around the center with hot glue. Next, I used the hole puncher to put holes around the edge for the brown yarn. Little Monkey did the actual lacing around the outside. We found the bandana at Dollar General, as well as the “Sheriff” badge. Finding a yellow shirt that would work for this costume was SO hard. We ending up buying some ‘golden’ fabric dye and coloring an old long sleeve button down shirt of Little Monkey’s. It still fits but is actually a size smaller than what he is wearing now. Once the shirt was yellow, I took a ruler and red fabric marker to add the lines. Little Monkey LOVED seeing this part come together. He started getting so excited. I made the vest out of black felt and cow print. I fashioned it after his old tux vest and it took me three tries to get the right side done correctly. I was getting so frustrated but it turned out great. Great until I noticed that our vest was pointed on the bottom and Woody’s is rounded. Thankfully Little Monkey didn’t realize that and was thrilled with the costume. We fashioned a belt and gun holster out of some craft foam, velcro and hot glue. The green gun sticking out of the holster was a glow stick gun I picked up for him at the Dollar Tree. I figured a glow stick would be fun when we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I was planning, well at least considering, making some ‘boots’ out of craft foam to slide over his shoes, but it just didn’t happen. Little Monkey reminded me many times that the only thing he was missing was boots!

Little Monkey LOVES his Woody costume. I think he would wear it everyday if he thought he could get away with it! Pictures of the kids in their costumes to come!

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One Response to Woody’s Costume

  1. Cheryl says:

    These costumes are amazing, Kati! Can’t wait to see pics of the kids in them!

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